Plenty of new tricks for old dogs

The definition of a veteran is someone who has had long-standing experience in a particular field. And with 926 starts (including reserves) between them, today’s veterans event at Healesville proves that long standing experience is exactly what our veteran greyhounds have.

To be eligible for a veteran event greyhounds simply have to be more than four years of age and the Garry Harding trained My Wrecker is more than pushing that age bracket, starting as the oldest greyhound in the field this afternoon at Healesville.

“He loves the straight track and veteran races are giving him a chance to be competitive because he still loves racing,” trainer Garry Harding said.

“I see him racing for another eight to 12 months, he is blossoming now and just continues to give you his best.”

Whelped in September of 2012, the blue dog out of Collision and November Sue is as old as a some of the maiden runners’ mothers who are engaged at Healesville on the same day.


Out of the 10 runners in the veteran event, which is race seven on the card, the greyhounds have amassed $228,009 in prize-money thanks to 130 wins.

Just because these greyhounds are a little bit-long-in-the-tooth doesn’t mean they are not competitive; Oaklands, who is jumping from box eight is currently one of the most experienced greyhounds racing in Victoria with 168 starts to his name and still racking up consistent placings.

“Greyhound racing has mostly been an industry after younger dogs to race, but now people are starting to hold onto dogs as the racing program changes,” Harding said.

Veteran races are an important part of our current and future racing program as we aim towards having our greyhounds stay on the track longer.

Healesville is a track great for veteran chasers who are enjoying life as a race dog and every fortnight they aim to conduct a veteran event.

A minimum of two veteran events are advertised each week for tracks around Victoria.

This afternoon Acquainted is the Watchdog selection for the veteran event at Healesville for trainer Fred Vassallo in her second Veteran race of her 42-start career.

race 7

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